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Is Pope Francis a communist?

English 20 de junio de 2023

May God forgive me, the readers too, but doubt assails and invades me. Does Francisco sleep with a Bible under his pillow or with a copy of Capital or The Communist Manifesto?

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What is behind the significant announcement by DeSantis and the complicity of Elon Musk?

Luis Leonel Leon
English 24 de mayo de 2023

There are many unknowns and variables above and below the table. Will the old wolf Trump go to the final round again against the almost senile Biden, who refuses to let go of the reins of power, despite his repeated and embarrassing failures? Could they take a turn of the screw and unite in a fantastic pairing of Trump president and DeSantis vice president, as many want? What's behind DeSantis' big announcement and Elon Musk's complicity?

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